The horses are walking everywhere

in my mind,

they’re always stomping out of unexpected places

or passing by again on the familiar jungle driveway.

I’ve lost the thread –

it’s like I’ve burned through the thread of meaning

faster than everyone else…

Or was it ever there?

Maybe once the thread is truly exorcised –

then I can land on my butt in the sand,


by something much sturdier than a string of story.

Ah the ever-hopeful Hope,

I’ll shatter you –

didn’t I already look Despair in the eyes?

Haven’t I fallen to my knees in the pool of desperation

one too many times?

I am here now.

Wondering what “here” looks like…

Day in and day out my shadows chase me,

never more than a handbreadth

from strangling my light.

You, sister, tell me where we’re going;

tell me where to look

or where to put my foot –

I’ll put my faith in your footstep.

If you have no answer for me

we’ll skip forward, in time:

married on the swing-set of unknowable destiny.

Playgrounds are no place for lonely cloaks

of duality;

I shrug it off

as this family of stars embraces me.

Adieu, Sorrow! N’oublie pas,

at least shut the horse-gate on your way out!

Ahhhhhhhh, Siena,
I clearly owe you a session.
We can do this by phone.

Norma Jean


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