We are human creatures.

We are animals –

driven by bodily needs

as all the animals that have come before us are.

Unfortunately we have become lost in the sea

of our needs;

our intrinsic loop of knowing and caring

has been severed.

The age of the intellect has

overtaken and directed our minds

to the task of becoming dominantly linear.

Man, woman and child has been taught

to see the way ahead

using only the masculine tools

of the left, rational and reasonable mind.

With the pruned and over-responsible intellect in charge

the rest is left to atrophy:

we begin to forget the big picture,

we begin to forget the wholeness and fluidity

that accompanies creative power.

Man, woman and child are civilized

out of their bodies,

out of their ancestral wisdom

that lays at the core of our revolving species.

We begin to see confusion and ineptitude

surround basic human instincts.

It is at this point that man, woman and child

turn to books and experts

to learn how to take care of themselves.

It is at this point that the mother loses her motherhood,

the father loses his fatherhood,

and the child loses her childhood.

Babies are born to mothers

who do not trust themselves to care –

for themselves or for their baby,

mothers who turn to specialists

for what to do at every whimper.

Children grow up in families

that turn to specialists

for advice on dinnertime,



Children grow up into adults

who know that they don’t know

the basics,

who must look outwards to fill the gaps.

Adults who doubt and constantly fear,

fear making the wrong decision.

Babies are born whole.

Babies are born as creatures,

expecting to be treated the way

all the billions of babies before them have been.

Babies expect to be cared for

by a mother who responds to her,

not to a book.

With the lost wisdom of mothers and fathers

come babies who’ve lost out

on their birthright.

Babies whose cries have gone unanswered

and whose needs have not been met.

Despairing babies grow up

into adults who,

not only do not know how to parent their children,

but whose needs make them

needy for their children.

The circle is broken,

in fact the blueprint of life

has been thrown completely out the window.

And we feel it,

we feel a hole

left by the missing rightness.

No wonder we are all hurting,

all searching,

all trying to fit pieces together

to stop up our leaking loss.

We look for partners, for places,

for anything to set it right.

Waking up to what has happened,

waking up to our justifiable pain

lets us look in the right places,

lets us forgive.

Waking up to the imbalances

inherent to the road behind us,

creates the choice to choose –

to choose to re-cultivate the continuum of life

that flows, forgotten, in our veins.

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