I cant find the time to write

because the kids keep running away

and I go chasing after their white furry butts.

And a stranger-neighbor quips

about my fluffy flock’s large ears.

Another handshake between fathers…

-- who knew there were drug deals in paradise?

Pas moi, pas moi…

I see the sunshine,

the clover flowers at the level of my nose –

I get the gentle nudge of a tickly probing face

snuffling along to the drips on my box of coconut water.



Oh! I had to run –

Leila wandered off after the grass-patch of her dreams,

Riley saw the escape path and bumblingly followed suit,

And so I picked myself up and herded them back.

Phew, crisis averted.

Back to munching and crunching and breathing it is.

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